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Braeden Rhys is a multifaceted marketing and public relations professional, recognised as one of Australia's Top 100 Entrepreneurs, recognised 40 Under 40 Australian CEO and Founder of two of the world's leading agencies Sweet Release Agency, the #1 Adult Industry marketing and public relations agency in the world with an enviable international award-winning reputation and Axis Global Co one of the Top 100 Growth Marketing Agencies in the world. Braeden's journey to success was not a conventional one; it is a story of self-discovery, resilience, and unyielding authenticity.

Born in the heart of Australia, Braeden Rhys grew up in a conservative and religious community, deeply rooted in the ministry. However, from a young age, Braeden struggled with his sexuality, grappling with a conflict between his true identity and societal expectations. Raised to believe that being gay was sinful, he found himself denying his own nature and attempting to "pray the gay away" to conform to the norms dictated by the church.

The Path to Self-Discovery

As Braeden Rhys matured, he realised that denying his true self was unsustainable and detrimental to his mental and emotional well-being. Eventually, he made the courageous decision to leave the church and embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing his identity as a proud gay man.

A Unique Path in the Adult Industry

With newfound freedom and a desire to explore uncharted territories, Braeden ventured into the Adult Industry as a male sex worker, adopting the alter-ego name, Jett Black. This bold step provided him with an avenue to express himself authentically, free from judgment and prejudice. Through hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion for the industry, Jett Black became one of the most respected and revered ambassadors of the Australian adult entertainment world as one of the most in-demand male sex workers in Australia.

Sweet Release Agency: A Love for the Adult Industry

Having found acceptance and support in the Adult Industry, Braeden's passion for this realm grew stronger. He recognized the potential to fill a void in marketing and public relations services within the industry. Leveraging his unique understanding of the sector, as Jett Black, he founded Sweet Release Agency, a pioneering marketing and PR agency tailored to meet the specific needs of the Adult Industry. The agency quickly gained recognition as a leading force within the sector, winning multiple awards for its innovative campaigns and strategic approaches and today boasts over 5,000 clients worldwide spanning adult businesses and adult entertainers.

Kara Zmatiq: The Rise of a Premier Live Singing Drag Queen

As Braeden Rhys continued his journey of self-discovery and self-expression, he unveiled another persona: Kara Zmatiq, a live singing drag queen. This artistic endeavor allowed him to explore his creative passions and showcase his talent on prominent platforms like Australia's Got Talent. Braeden's dynamic stage presence and soulful performances propelled Kara Zmatiq to the forefront of Australia's drag scene, earning them the title of Australia's Premier Live Singing Drag Queen partnering with brands including STAN Originals, Boost Juice Australia, Tourism Australia, UBER, AFTERPAY, One&Only Resorts and many more leading global brands; while also entertaining with touring cabaret shows produced by them and showcasing their talents as a headliner of World Pride Festivals, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the occasional weddings throughout the year celebrating LGBTQI+ diversity.

Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Authenticity

Throughout his life, Braeden Rhys faced numerous trials and tribulations, from the internal struggles with his sexuality to the external challenges of working in unconventional industries. However, he approached adversity with resilience and humility, finding strength in being true to himself and embracing authenticity in all aspects of his life. Unlike most, Braeden Rhys has been fortunate to have the unwavering support of his parents who have always supported him throughout his pursuits without judgement and simply the desire for their son to have the best in life and the best of success in anything he set out to accomplish.

Business Success and Belief in Authenticity

Despite creating multiple personas and brands to identify with his career and passions, Braeden Rhys remained grounded and true to his core values. He attributes his success as an entrepreneur to the unwavering belief in authenticity and genuine passion. By staying true to himself and leveraging his diverse experiences, he was able to build Sweet Release Agency and Axis Global Co into highly successful ventures.


The Embodiment of Philosophical Life-Long Learning


Braeden Rhys is an embodiment of the philosophy of life-long learning, a commitment that has been the driving force behind his multifaceted career. Throughout his journey, Braeden has displayed an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of excellence in various fields.

With an unwavering passion for marketing, advertising, and public relations, Braeden pursued several post-graduate degrees in these disciplines, equipping himself with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise. His dedication to continuous improvement extended beyond his specialization, as he obtained under-graduate qualifications in events, media, journalism, hospitality management, human resources, and industrial relations. Each qualification served as a building block, enriching his skillset and broadening his horizons.

Far from being complacent, Braeden's hunger for knowledge only intensified. He embraced yet another chapter in his educational journey, undertaking the study of law. This bold step reflects his commitment to understanding legal frameworks, further strengthening his capabilities as a dynamic entrepreneur and a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Braeden Rhys stands as a shining example of how dedication to continuous learning can fuel success and open new avenues for personal and professional growth. His willingness to embrace diverse disciplines showcases his belief in the power of knowledge and its potential to transform lives. As he navigates through the complex world of law, Braeden continues to inspire others to embark on their own journeys of life-long learning, ensuring that growth and self-improvement remain cornerstones of his remarkable success story.

A Supportive Network

Braeden acknowledges that his success wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering love and support of his friends, family, and life partner. Despite initial reservations about his career choices, those closest to him eventually saw the profound impact of living authentically and embraced his journey wholeheartedly.

Braeden Rhys's life journey exemplifies the power of authenticity and the resilience to overcome adversity.


From denying his sexuality in the ministry to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, Braeden's story serves as an inspiration to individuals seeking to embrace their true selves and find success on their terms. He continues to make a positive difference in the world, driven by his dynamic education and passion for living life to the fullest. As an entrepreneur, performer, and advocate for authenticity, Braeden Rhys has left an indelible mark on Australia's entrepreneurial landscape, proving that success is possible when one stays true to themselves.


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Braeden Rhys is the Founder of Axis Global Co Pty Ltd with a collection of brands including Axis Global Co, Sweet Release Agency and Soiree Cabaret Productions, based in Australia providing End-To-End, Full-Service solutions in Marketing, Publicity, Media, Growth Strategy, Digital Communications and Event Production to SME Businesses and Entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Sex sells. But in a world with infinite and instantaneous choice at our fingertips, how do you stand out as a sex worker to potential customers?

Enter Braeden Trotter, aka Jett Black, a former male escort and the founder of adult industry marketing and public relations agency Sweet Release.

His business supports adult businesses and adult entertainers with their digital marketing, website design and advertising both online and offline.

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In this episode, your host, dating and relationship coach Nicole Colantoni, dives deep into the intriguing life of Braeden Rhys, also known as Jett Black. An Australian male escort and multi-award-winning marketing and public relations expert in the international adult entertainment industry, Braeden has mastered the art of living authentically. From being a youth minister to becoming one of Australia's Top 100 Entrepreneurs, Braeden’s journey is one of resilience, self-discovery, and boundless creativity. 

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The Chris Voss Show Podcast for over 13 years, 24 millions views of amazing interviews of top CEOs, BILLIONAIRES, Astronauts, the hottest new book Authors, TV & Print News & Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalists, Governors, Congress Members and other inspiring and insightful guests that will expand your mind. Braeden Rhys shares his story of 'success on his terms' and the joy he has in digital media, marketing and publicity helping businesses worldwide to reach their potential as the Founder of one of the top 100 Business Growth Agencies.



In this episode of Coaches To The Moon, we dive into the inspiring journey of Braeden Rhys, the brilliant mind behind digital marketing & PR agencies - Axis Global & Sweet Release Agency plus Soiree Cabaret Productions. Join us as Braeden takes us on a fascinating ride from his humble beginnings in the hospitality industry to becoming the founder of three thriving businesses. Braeden Rhys story is one of determination and ambition, as he shares how he made the leap from hospitality to the world of marketing and public relations.

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Top 100 Entrepreneur To #1 In Adult Industry Marketing – Exclusive Interview With Braeden Rhys

Braeden Rhys, the multi-award-winning entrepreneur, celebrated CEO, and visionary founder behind one of the world's Top 100 Business Growth Agencies, Axis Global Co. Braeden Rhys is a multifaceted marketing and public relations professional, recognised as one of Australia's Top 100 Entrepreneurs, recognised 40 Under 40 Australian CEO and Founder of two of the world's leading agencies Sweet Release Agency, the #1 Adult Industry marketing and public relations agency in the world with an enviable international award-winning reputation and Axis Global Co one of the Top 100 Growth Marketing Agencies in the world.

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Struggle of Sexuality: Expectations vs. Reality 

In this podcast Mario Bekes interviews Braeden Rhys exclusively for the podcast "Life The Battlefield" and learning what life is like when we must and must conform to societal standards. Braeden Rhys grew up in a conservative and religious environment that was profoundly anchored in the ministry. Raised to believe that homosexuality was wrong, he found himself ignoring his own nature and seeking to "pray the gay away" in order to conform to the church's Braeden Rhys discovered that suppressing his genuine nature was unsustainable and harmful to his mental and emotional well-being as he aged. He eventually decided to quit the religion and begin on a voyage of self-discovery, embracing his identity as a proud gay man. ideals.

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